5 Reasons You Should Consider A Career As a Drone Pilot!

5 Reasons you should consider a Career as a Drone Pilot!

Have you ever considered jetting around the globe as a commercial airline pilot? Sounds glamorous and exciting, right? Wrong! In this article, I am going to tell you how you can still fly high, make great money, and have a rewarding career as a Drone Pilot!

For the last 40 years I have travelled the world as an airline pilot logging 18,000 hours in a variety of passenger jets. When I first started flying it was glamorous and it was exciting - but sadly that is no longer the case.

The post 9/11 aviation industry has become a cut-throat, belt-tightening, regulation intensive business and costs were cut across the board-including the pay, benefits, and working conditions for pilots everywhere.

You may be shocked to hear that entry-level salaries for Pilots in Canada are between $25,000-$30, 000/year.

Yes, you read that right!

However, in order to earn that salary, the pilot is flying between 80-100 hours per month. That doesn’t sound awful for those of you that work a 40 hour/week job right? Well in order to fly 80-100 hour per month that same pilot is actually on duty for 100-140 hours per month.

With this career choice, you can expect frequent schedule changes, delays, and cancellations. Holidays off? Forget it! As a junior pilot you will likely not have a Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving Holiday at home for years to come. Having a weekend off will seem like a major victory!

Oh, did I mention that in order to be qualified as an entry-level pilot, you are going to have to dish out anywhere from $55,000-$95,000 and spend about 2 years of your life in a flight school.

But, there is an alternative.

What if I were to tell you that you can twice the salary of an entry-level pilot while only investing around $1,000 to gain the necessary qualifications and still be involved flying a machine?

Here are the 5 Reasons you should consider a career as a Drone Pilot

1. Cost of Qualifications For less than $1000!

You can be licensed as an Advanced Drone Pilot and be ready to work for yourself, or seek employment with one of the many companies currently hiring Drone Pilots!

2. Zero to Drone Pilot Hero Certification in Weeks!

Why spend years learning to fly a plane when you can spend weeks to gain an Advanced Flight Certificate and be a Drone Pilot! Start earning $$$ sooner! Click on the “Courses” tab and check out our Advanced Flight Certificate Course for more details!

3. Predictable Schedule!

Unlike the unpredictable nature of an airline pilot, you will be in the realm of the predictable!

  • Need a weekend off? Check!
  • Christmas off? Check!
  • School recital? Check!

4. Excellent Salary!

Many current Drone Pilot job listings show entry-level salaries between $50-$60,000!! That’s DOUBLE the salary of an entry-level airline pilot in Canada! And this is just the beginning! As the drone industry grows ever bigger the opportunities and salaries will grow as well!

5. Career Potential!

Goldman Sachs forecast that between now and 2020 the Drone Industry will be a $100 BILLION market. That is an enormous market and we are only at the beginning of this wave. Your entry now into the Drone Industry as a Pilot will set you up as an expert in this field in the future! Click on our “Courses” tab to see how The Canadian Drone Institute can help YOU start your rewarding career as a Drone Pilot!

This article was written by Tony Thornton. Tony is on The Canadian Drone Institutes Advisory Board as the “Director of Operations North America “and in a Training Capacity for Corporate Flight Department Development and Tony also teaches weekend courses for the Transport Canada Advanced Flight Certification.

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