Youngest RPA Advanced Drone Student in Canada

The Canadian Drone Institute Graduates the Youngest RPA Advanced Drone Student in Canada

Sometimes you meet an exceptional young Drone pilot who has wisdom upon his years.The Canadian Drone Institute has the fortune
of meeting such a young man Pramath Pathak.

Pramath contacted The Canadian Drone Institute when he was 15 years of age.We talked about his Drone career path and his immediate objective was
to enroll in the Advanced certificate exam course. Pramath wanted to write the Transport Canada advanced exam as soon as he turned 16,the legal age
in Canada to hold a Transport Canada Advanced certificate.

Given his level of enthusiasm and his constant questioning about topics from the TP15263 Transport Canada study guide,we knew we had a special student,
and we made the decision to mentor Pramath to get him prepared to write his Advanced certificate on his 16th birthday.

We are pleased that Pramath was recently acknowledged by Transport Canada in an email as follows.

Pramath will surely be an RPAS ambassador promoting safety and best airmanship practices amongst his peer group,as well as showing that with good study
habits and questioning the topics that are on the Advanced certificate is well within reach of all younger RPA pilots in Canada.

Well Done, Pramath!

Greg Davis
The Canadian Drone Institute

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