Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely!

Not only are you required to pass a Transport Canada written RPA Drone exam that covers our exact concepts and topics outlined in our online courses, but even more importantly, you’ll simply want to know these concepts if you plan to be taken seriously as a Commercial RPA Drone pilot.

We are sure that you want to show employers and colleagues that you’re a safe and competent professional RPA Drone pilot and that you understand Safety as a priority and also you have knowledge of the airspace, you’re operating in.

The sooner you start adopting a Pilot Mindset, the better for all of us in the RPAS Drone industry in Canada.

You will learn Safety in such topics as:

Following a pre-flight checklist before every flight

Understanding your RPAS Drone failsafe’s systems and everything that can go wrong during flight

How to manage different commercial RPAS Drone flight operations

What kind of environments you’re allowed and not allowed to operate in as per The Canadian Aviation Regulations or CARS in Canadian airspace

How to effectively communicate with NavCanada if you plan to fly your RPA Drone outside of Class G airspace in Canada

You can enroll in our training course right here.
It’s a self-paced online course that is accessible 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
Yes, we have a Staff of Transport Canada licensed Commercial Flight instructors for this course Yes, you can reach him or her by contacting your Student Support Manager by emailing Yes, you can call us Toll Free at (866) 209-7214‬ Monday through Thursday between 10:00 EST and 15:00 EST


We’ve built a rigorous curriculum, and we strongly believe that our training methodology does an excellent job preparing you to pass your tests and to get your Advanced Pilot Certificate or your Basic Pilot Certificate from Transport Canada.

If you put in at least 25 hours of studying, and you reach out to us with questions along the way, you will be succesful on your first attempt with your Transport Canada exam.

Our Commercial Aviation Team has put in hundreds of hours writing the necessary Topics and Theory associated with our course content to allow you the privilege, not the right, to operate your RPA Drone alongside manned aviation in controlled and uncontrolled airspace in Canada.

The Canadian Drone Institutes wants to make sure you know that we have your back!