Greg Davis – Founder of The Canadian Drone Institute 2016 In January 2016 Greg founded The Canadian Drone Institute a Transport Canada knowledge-based Drone training school for UAV  (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in Canada. Prior to that he founded DronEye Aerial Photography in 2015. A current Transport Canada commercial Drone operation formed in Toronto, Ontario. DronEye holds a Transport Canada SFOC operating certificate for Complex Commercial Drone operations in Canada. Greg sold DronEye and entered into an agreement with Canada’s largest Real Estate company. Greg retains his position as Director of Operations on their SFOC Greg is a current holder of a Transport Canada Commercial Pilots license CA-143996 and also under QMC-8175 issued in 1973. Also, a former Class 2 Transport Canada commercial ground school flight instructor with a Transport Canada Class 1 Instrument Flight Rating issued in 1974. Greg has over 7000 hours of commercial flight and commercial instructional time in Canada and the United States. Greg had the distinct honor of being the youngest Instructor in Canada  awarded by Transport Canada in 1973 for a Class 2  Instructors designation at the age of 21. His aviation career started at the Moncton and Halifax Flying Clubs as a Flight Instructor. Greg then accepted the Chief Flight Instructors role at The Gander Flying Club in Gander, Newfoundland. Recruited two years later by the Newfoundland Government, Greg became a Fire Suppression Pilot for 2 years flying the Canso PBY-5A. In the offseason, he flew the Beechcraft King Air and Queen Air turbine jet aircraft doing aerial surveillance in the North Atlantic for The Department of Fisheries.. He is currently type rated on over 40 aircraft. Greg continued on with his love of flying to accept the position of Chief Pilot with Air Providence in the Northwest Territories, working on a Medevac Flight Team servicing the remote outposts of the Arctic in Northern Canada. At the age of 28, Greg joined FedEx Canada’s startup operation as the Senior Manager in charge of Transport Canada licensing applications in Canada. FedEx Memphis,Tennessee was applying for their Canadian landing rights for their Boeing 727 cargo aircraft. Under Greg’s leadership FedEx’s 727 landing rights  are in place today at all major Canadian airports. Greg finished his hands-on flight career working 10 years as The Vice President of Operations for the Southeastern United States for AirNet Systems, Columbus Ohio. AirNet is a Lear jet cargo and charter operation with 164 aircraft and 375 pilots. He was in charge of all commercial flight operations and sales activity in the Southeastern United States. In 2006 Greg successfully started an Aviation and Express consulting business in Toronto, Ontario named Visio Consulting Ltd. Greg  subsequently sold Visio Consulting to a US based operation in late 2015. Over his career, Greg has accumulated over 7000 hours Flight Time, 2200 hours teaching the Canadian Commercial Pilot Transport Canada ground school for Private and Commercial pilots and now has over 300 hours flying Drones in Canada. In his spare time, Greg can be seen around Ontario, taking pictures and flying his Drone. He currently makes Newmarket, Ontario his home.


  Allan Hutton Advisory Board Member 2016 Al brings a wealth of hands on experience to The Canadian Drone Institutes Advisory Board as a former Military and Civilian pilot and flight Instructor. Al has been a major contributor to our ground school curriculum in the sections Drone Operations and Drone Meteorology. After graduating from the Moncton Flight College in 1973, Al went on to fly in the Canadian Northern Airspace as a Twin Otter bush pilot accumulating over 1000 hours time in the severe cold weather operating environment in  Northern Quebec specifically flying the James Bay Hydro Electric project. Al’s extensive cold weather operations background brings expert knowledge to our Winter operations sections relative to Drones operating in a commercial environment in Canadian winters . Al’s career path led to being accepted by the Canadian Armed Forces as a Jet pilot and to  become a Military Jet Qualified Flight Instructor (QFI) and the Operations Officer at the 436 Squadron, CFB Trenton, Ontario. During this phase of his career, Al flew the Canadair CT-114 Tutor, a Canadian-built jet trainer and also trained on the Bell UH-1N Twin Huey a twin-engine medium military helicopter as well as the CF-5 and the T-33. In the Canadian Military, Al taught basic flight school, instrument flight procedures, aerobatics and formation flying at night in high-performance Jet aircraft. A feat not for the faint of heart! In total Al has over 3,000 hours of Flight School training and Pilot in Command Jet and rotary wing time over his career before his retirement from the Military in 1991. Al currently resides in Toronto, Ontario with his wife Ginny and is enjoying a successful Real Estate career with Re/Max. During his spare time, Al is an avid outdoorsman and an avid nature photographer.


  Ross Wickwire Advisory Board Member 2107 We are pleased to announce that Ross comes to The Canadian Drone Institute Advisory Board with a wealth of knowledge and experience from over 40 years in both fixed wing and rotary wing, commercial and government aviation. Ross has written our Drone Air Law, Air Procedures and Air Regulations for our Drone Ground School curriculum. Ross attended and graduated from Moncton Flight College in 1974. He spent a number of years working as a flight instructor and a bush pilot in northern Ontario and Manitoba. During this time, he flew De Havilland Beavers, Noorduyn Norseman, Cessna types 180/185 and Cessna 206 on floats. He instructed Private and Commercial pilots certifying the pilots on floats as well. In 1981, Ross joined the team at Nova Scotia Lands and Forests / Natural Resources, flying fixed wing aerial water bombers on floats for wildfire suppression. In 1984, he obtained a commercial helicopter license from Fredericton Helicopters. A sampling of the type of flying work Ross has performed for the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources include; fire detection, wildfire suppression, aerial wildlife, live capture of deer and moose, search and rescue, fixed wing and rotary wing wildlife surveys, and the transportation of government personnel. This included single and multi-engine fixed wing aircraft and single and multi-engine light and medium helicopters. In 1998, Ross was chosen to be the Director of their Fleet Management Division, which encompassed the Provincial Aviation Services, DNR Fleet Vehicle and Equipment Services, and the Provincial Integrated Mobile Radio System. Ross acted the Chief Operations Manager and the Chief Pilot for the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Aviation Services for 16 years.  Complementing his flight experience, Ross also has an extensive background in many areas including management, aviation operations, safety management systems (SMS), aircraft accident investigation to name a few. Ross has flown a variety of aircraft over the 40 years in the aviation industry. He accumulated over 10,000 flight hours on fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. He held a Canadian Airline Transport Pilots License – ATPL A&H (Aeroplanes and Helicopters) Single & Multi-engine Land and Sea, IFR, Rotary License’s for Bell 47, Bell 212, Hughes/ MD 500 C/D/E, Eurocopter EC120B. Ross retired in September 2014 after working 33 years for DNR. He currently resides in Fort Ellis, NS with his wife Shelley.