Brokers and Realtors May Not Be Aware

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It is quite alarming to find that the vast majority of Realtors and Brokers in Canada are not aware that they may be exposing themselves to substantial liability, fines and possible Jail time using an Individual Drone pilot or Drone Company that does not possess the proper Transport Canada certifications.

In Canada, 2018 fines now range from $3,000.00 to $25,000.00 per “Incident” that can be assessed by Transport Canada Inspectors. On Transport Canada’s websites, there is an “Incident Form” for the general public to report an individual or a company that may be operating recklessly and/or illegally in Canada

Not to mention the possible civil liability lawsuit that can be filed when damage or bodily injury occurs on an adjacent property to your listing. No Insurance Aviation policy, No SFOC we hope you have deep pockets!

Transport Canada requires that a “For Hire” Individual or Company using a Drone for commercial purposes (this includes a Video or Photo on the website) must have a Transport Canada SFOC (Standard Flight Operation Certificate) with a SFOC Number and a valid Commercial Drone insurance policy with a minimum of $100,000.00 for an aviation incident endorsed and clearly stated in that policy. This is also a Transport Canada requirement. Standard insurance policies do not cover Drone incidents unless specifically stated under the policy number

Yes, your friend that does a Drone video for free but you or your Broker places it on your website, you now fall under Transport Canada’s commercial regulations. It is the end use of the content that determines Recreational or Commercial activity. Transport Canada is our friend and will be our mentor but Safety and a person’s right to Privacy are serious issues that will beaddressed accordingly as the UAS/Drone industry moves forward in 2018.

The Canadian Drone Institute is operated by retired Airline Transport pilots and Commercial flight instructors. We have over 30,000 hours of Helicopter, Military Jet and Fixed Wing aviation flight hours, spanning over 120 years of combined experience on our Advisory Board and our operational support Team.

As pilots, we encourage Safety, Privacy and we want to help you to become a Transport Canada legal commercial operator. Courses and curriculum from the experts. We leave you with a video from Transport Canada isolating one of many fines you may not be aware of.

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