BVLOS Innovation Central in Northern Quebec

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Innovation Central

Canada is leading the way with Innovation Central in Aymer, Quebec, 230 km’s north of Quebec City. The Unmanned Aerial Centre of Excellence has created one of the best, if not the best test facility in Canada for BVLOS research. In consultation with Transport Canada, NavCan Canada and the Department of Defence. They have created eight new CYR’s for testing, a milestone in itself for Airspace control. BVLOS is the future of our Drone industry in Canada. As the article states “as soon as you go behind a building with a Drone you are now in a BVLOS situation in Canada”. The Canadian Drone industry is currently limited to VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) for all but a handful of Drone operators in Canada who are Transport Canada Compliant for BVLOS.

This is not a bad thing as the current Drone companies in Canada do not have the expertise to fly in a BVLOS environment. Equate BVLOS to a Commercial Pilot flying by instruments in cloud. BVLOS is very similar to commercial operations in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). When flying IFR or BVLOS the flight Crew must rely on the Instrumentation to safely complete their flight mission. VLOS Drone operators in Canada have very little or no experience flying in IFR structured airspace, therefore this exciting news of The Centre for Drone Excellence testing that will create numerous opportunities for bilateral and international cooperation to advance BVLOS in Canada.

As BVLOS regulations are created and approved by Transport Canada, companies such as Mining, Pipeline, Energy and Northern Exploration will come on board as investors and creators of numerous job opportunities in the Canadian UAS industry. These companies that require BVLOS approval will not move forward in a class G VLOS airspace situation. Rightfully so as soon as the Drone is approaching being out of VLOS for the Pilot in Command  will need to stop and set up VLOS once again. Now how would they do that on 500 km’s of pipeline!

I have very recently spoken with a President of one company in Ottawa that has their own self engineered Drones both fixed wing and rotary wing BVLOS. Right now all of their sales and operational activities are conducted outside of Canada. We are sure this is exciting news for their company.

There will be additional opportunities for suppliers, research and development, software and tech jobs that will be created for specific BVLOS operations. Canada is a huge country geographically that can only see opportunities upon opportunities working within a BVLOS environment. Think about the Northern indigenous communities that will most certainly derive substantial cost benefit to receiving goods flown in BVLOS with a Drone. Medical devices, Blood, Critical prescription drugs all now available delivered by larger payload capable Drones.

As we move forward with BVLOS let’s also hope the Federal Government in Canada will support the research and development of BVLOS, much in the same way as they have supported  commercial aviation over the last 50 years. This is a very exciting time for the UAS industry not only in Canada but also on a global basis.

Our Team of retired Airline Transport Pilots and Commercial Ground School Instructors  have thousands of hours operating in Instrument Flight controlled airspace. We are pleased to help and support any BVLOS initiative in Canada. The Canadian Drone Institute. The Canadian Drone Institute specializes in setting up UAS Drone Flight Departments that are Transport Canada compliant. We are a Transport Canada compliant training company with the experience to direct you on the necessary Transport Canada training to own and operate your Drone flight certificate in Canadian airspace.

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