Drone Jobs in Canada

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Congratulations to Drone Delivery Canada on creating drone jobs in Canada!

400 lbs. of potential capability for heavy payload shipments into Indigenous and Isolated northern communities were made possibly by Drone Delivery Canada.

While flying as a Bush pilot in Ft. Providence NWT myself back in 1978 I was paying $8.00 for a frozen steak from Edmonton.

On a personal level, I am very happy to see what Drone Delivery Canada is potentially doing for our Northern Communities.

Reducing The Cost of Medical Equipment Deliveries

Obviously, this will help to help reduce the costs of Medical equipment deliveries, Medicines, and Food supplies. Charter companies will take it on the chin but the ball is now in their court to adapt to the new Drone technologies.

Capitalism at it’s finest!

This also opens up additional BVLOS opportunities for the development of Commercial operations in the Canadian North. Mining, Oil and Gas, Pipelines and maintenance associated companies in conjunction with the Private sector.

This leads to new Drone opportunities for UAS pilots and associated operational positions.

We are following them with great interest. Very exciting opportunities for Drone jobs in Canada!

Drone Training in Canada

For any businesses in Canada looking for drone training classes for themselves or to offer as a services to their customers, the Canadian Drone Institute are now taking registrations for the new Ground School Flight Training Classes.

Ground School Flight Training classes begin each and every month in Canada, so take advantage of this opportunity and register today!

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