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Most Drone pilots have read the Canada Gazette 2 that contains the new 2019 updated Canadian Aviation regulations for the Advanced Drone Flight Certificate. Supplemented by the TP15263 knowledge requirements for Drones with an operating weight between 250 grams to 25 kilos.

The Canadian Drone Institute anticipated that Section 1 in the TP15263 entitled "Air Law, Air Traffic Rules and Procedures" would contain many additional terminologies and we were correct! The new Section 1 is written by Transport Canada to support Safety when operating your Drone in Controlled Airspace such as Control Zones at Airports. 

Safety in regard to people, buildings, infrastructure and wildlife is the number one priority for both manned aviation as well as Drones who use our Canadian Airspace. Also, Privacy for the Canadian public in regard to where we can legally fly our Drones is a right that as Drone pilots need to respect at all times.

Our industry is poised for exponential growth particularly over the next 5 years and beyond. Dramatic new software development, when combined with your camera's capabilities, lead the growth in our industry. 

We have been "informed" through our Transport Canada sources that the Drone industry as a whole will be given 6 months to be compliant with all of the new 2019 Regulations before enforcement and hefty fines will be strictly actioned upon in Canada.

The new Regulations expose an Individual to fines up to $15,000.00 and Corporate exposure up to $25,000.00 for infractions related to airspace violations surrounding Airports, Aerodromes, Heliports and more.

The Canadian Drone Institute is operated by retired and current Transport Canada ATP (Airline Transport Pilots) Commercial Transport Canada licensed Ground School Instructors who have over 80 years of combined aviation experience flying in Canadian and United States controlled Airspace.

$249. This is the cost of our new March 1st online interactive course for your Advanced Drone Ground School. This online course will fully prepare you to write your Transport Canada Advanced exam before the new Regulations come into effect on June 01, 2019.

If you would like to go ahead and sign up you can here

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