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The Canadian Drone Institute offers online drone training courses and classes to help you pass the basic and advanced drone pilot exam through Transport Canada. Our curriculum is up to date with the new June 1st, 2019 regulations.
Our live 3 day course features Q & A and is taught by retired Commercial Pilot Instructors for just $445. This class is completely online through our e-classroom which you'll receive a link to once you sign up.
Our self study online course is also available for just $299 and features practice quizzes and bonus content like free job resources.
Both courses help prepare you to pass your Advanced Drone (UAV - RPAS) pilot  exam through Transport Canada. The Canadian Drone Institute is listed on the Transport Canada website as a compliant resource for advanced drone pilot certification exam preparation.

Transport Canada holds certain nationality requirements to own, operate, and certify as a drone pilot. If you are not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, please contact your Transport Canada Regional Office to discuss the nationality requirements in more detail. The contact information for your regional office can be found within the following link: