Academic Institutions

We firmly believe that in 2019 forward, the Canadian Drone industry will be creating substantial job opportunities for students in the associated areas of advanced drone operations, advanced pilot skills, software development and aviation flight engineering.

The Canadian Drones Institutes Advisory Board is comprised of retired Transport Canada Airline Transport pilots, Transport Canada Commercial pilots and Transport Canada commercial flight school instructors. With our experience we are able to help your school set up its own academic course for students to get their advanced drone pilot certificate. 

Our advanced drone pilot course will help students pass the Transport Canada 2019 exam based on the knowledge requirements for Drone operators under the Transport Canada 2019 curriculum entitled TP15263-2.

The Advanced Course is comprised of 20 hours of Ground School instruction in the areas of;

Upon successfully completing the 80% Transport Canada passing grade requirement on our course the student will be ready to write the Transport Canada Advanced Drone pilot certificate exam.

Upon completion of the Transport Canada exam, the student will then be required to take an Advanced Drone Operators flight test. This is comprised of a 30-45 minute oral exam of how to conduct a safe operation and a 30 minute flight test to show the examiner your piloting skills such as; take off and landing, maintaining altitude and airspeed, banked turns, climbing and descending, antenna positioning on the base station, RTH procedures(return to home) and obstacle maneuvering and avoidance.

Upon successful completion of the Transport Canada Exam and flight test the student will be issued from Transport Canada Advanced Drone Pilot Certificate valid for flying in Canada’s controlled airspace.

If you are interested in adding an advanced Drone operations course to your curriculum please contact us.