UAV (RPAS) Drone Training Class To Pass Your Advanced Drone Pilot Certificate Exam

Transport Canada Compliant Ground School - Advanced Drone Pilot Certificate Exam Online Preparation Course - June 14th, 15th, 16th - 2019.

  • $449.00

 Course Dates

June 14th - 6PM - 9PM

June 15th - 9AM - 5:30PM

June 16th - 9AM - 5:30PM

All courses are up to date with the new June 1st, 2019 Transport Canada regulations. 

This live online course is our ground school for advanced drone pilot certificate  applicants. This course is designed to help you pass your basic and advanced drone pilot exam through Transport Canada. You will receive 20 hours of instruction with a Transport Canada licensed commercial pilot and ground school instructor.

This is a Transport Canada Compliant course and you will receive a ground school certificate upon completion.

All courses are run by licensed Transport Canada commercial pilots and Transport Canada ground school instructors and feature live question and answer sessions.