The Canadian Drone Training Institute is a Transport Canada Compliant Training Institute Offering Ground School UAS Drone Training in Halifax NS.

We Teach our Drone Training Courses “One on One” with our Students via video conferencing software which is actually a first in Halifax NS Canada!

We have professional Airline or Commercial Pilots teaching the drone training courses one on one with each student so that you can learning about how to fly a drone from the comfort of your own home.

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The personalized One on One drone training courses are taught by qualified Transport Canada licensed Airline Pilots or Transport Canada licensed Commercial Pilots and Ground School Instructors with Drone experience, operating under a Complex Standing SFOC.

Online Drone Training Courses

All of our Instructors have worked flying Drones under our Complex Standing  SFOC issued and on file with Transport Canada. We have the experience in manned aviation Airspace regulations as well as the Drone regulatory experience operating under our Complex Standing SFOC.

Flexible Online training scheduling allows you take our Drone Training Course in Halifax NS in the comfort of your own home around your current work schedule.

No Travel Costs

When you take your drone training classes there is no travel costs, no overnight or weekend Hotel expenses. Just you and your Canadian Drone Institute Airline rated Pilot, online One on One. This is an excellent way to learn at your ground school level, at your own pace.

Since The Canadian Drone Institute changed from a Classroom concept with 15 – 20 Students at a time to our new One on One training concept, we have seen our average Students grades raise by over 12 basis points! We knew we had made a great decision.

Drone Pilots Exam In Mid Summer 2018

The knowledge requirements for the Transport Canada 2018 exam will be covered in our Drone Training Courses with a Graduation Certificate issued from our Transport Canada Compliant Drone training curriculum.

Start your Business on the way to establishing your own Drone flight department or as an individual to become a Commercial Drone operation in Canada –

The Canadian Drone Training Institute is the only Drone (RPAS) Training Institute in Canada owned and run by retired Transport Canada Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) with substantial experience in the Drone Industry in Canada. Our Advisory Board instructors have over 30,000 Civilian and Military flight hours in Canada and abroad.

In  2018 Transport Canada will be introducing a RPAS operator’s pilot’s exam. In addition, Transport Canada will require that all RPAS pilots have a proficiency flight check ride with an “evaluator”.

If you are interested in the Drone Pilots Exam or any other courses in the Halifax area contact us today to find out how to register – 902.388.8906

The Transport Canada SFOC Application

Under current Canadian regulations, any non-recreational use of a Drone (UAV / UAS) requires either an Exemption to be in place or the operator is required to hold a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC).

Developing an SFOC application and all the associated 23 technical documents and standard operating procedures will be quite a task for those new to the aviation industry.

The Canadian Drone Training Institute offers full manuals support for your SFOC application service.

Your Operations Manual, Technical Manuals, UAS Manual, Battery Log, SOP, Safety Manuals etc., will all be completed for you during the SFOC application process for Transport Canada.

Historically Transport Canada wants to initially see 3 Complex Site Specific flights. After you have completed these flights, we will then help you file for your Complex Standing SFOC.This will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

The UAS Ground School in Atlantic Canada will take your company, through a series of 10 extensive knowledge based modules to prepare you for the Transport Canada 2018 exam.

The Canadian Drone Institute has developed two additional study sections; NavCanada and Airport/Aerodrome procedures. These sections are in addition to the 8 sections required by Transport Canada. The additional sections will help you prepare for the Transport Canada exam.

When the new Transport Canada 2018 regulations come into effect in The Canadian Gazette-II, the SFOC will be supplemented by an examination and a test of your knowledge of the  Transport Canada “Knowledge Requirements for Unmanned Aircraft Systems” regulations.

The Canadian Drone Institute’s Online Ground School that will prepare you for the new 2018 Transport Canada examination and the new proposed RPAS regulations.

This course is an in-depth overview of Drone Navigation, Drone Theory of Flight, Drone Systems & Telemetry, Drone Flight Operations, Drone Air Law, Drone Airspace Traffic Rules, Human Factors in Drone Flight, Drone Meteorology and preparation to write the  Radio Operators license.

Drone Training Administrator

Greg Davis, the Founder of The Drone Training Institute is an Industry Canada approved drone training administrator for the Radio Operators Certificate called the ROC-A. We achieved this designation through our extensive experience in the Airline industry. We do not charge our Students for the Radio Operators license, we include it in our Course fee.

 The future of our industry is training professional Safety minded Drone pilots with a broad understanding of how to use Canadian commercial airspace in a responsible Transport Canada compliant manner avoiding all fines. 

$545 + HST

This course fee includes your Ground School Certificate, Your SFOC application and your Radio Operators Certificate. We do not charge a seperate fee for your SFOC manuals or The Radio Operators certificate ROC-A 

Corporate Flight Training Course in Halifax NS

Designed for Corporations and Agencies in Halifax Nova Scotia, planning on implementing their own UAS Flight Department.

Our question to you is; Why pay a 3rd Party Drone company when your company can operate your own Drown flight department, in house, and fly on your schedule?

Build an asset, your SFOC. By operating under your own license you will retain the confidentiality of your data and your supervision of your own Drone Flight Department .   

Our 3 day intensive UAS Course will cover UAS Operations and UAS Technical manuals, UAS Flight planning, UAS Site inspections, UAS Safety manuals, UAS Pre and Post flight audit, UAS Team briefings, UAS Permits, UAS Air traffic control advisories, NOTAMS, LiPo Batteries, Hazmat compliance, UAS Telemetry, UAS Meteorology, UAS Navigation, UAS Drone Theory of Flight and Canadian Airspace operational compliance when using a Drone in Canada.

We will prepare you for the 2018 Transport Canada Exam and the current SFOC application process.  We will submit and prepare your documents to obtain the Transport Canada Complex Standing SFOC approval. Some of our Customers have customized the training schedule i.e from 3 days to 4 days, weekends from weekdays etc. We will accommodate your companies preferences for training on site at your business.


This is The Canadian Drone Institutes in depth Transport Canada 2018 knowledge course for companies planning on opening your own Drone flight department.

$2499.95 plus HST     

$2499.95 includes enrollment for 6 Students, which is $416.65 +HST per Student!

Each additional Student over 6 and up to 15 Students per session will be charged at $416.65 +HST each.

A 23% cost saving per Student over our individual course!