The Canadian Drone Institute  formed in 2016 by a group of retired Transport Canada licensed Airline Transport Pilots, Commercial Pilots and Licensed Commercial Ground School Flight Instructors. After assessing the courses available in Canada, we recognized a UAS РUAV training need that is not currently being offered elsewhere in Canada. What we recognized was a need for One РOn РOne Рonline video training with a Transport Canada licensed Commercial Pilot and a Transport Canada Commercial Ground School Instructor!

The Canadian Drone Institute offers UAS Drone training courses that are current and written by experienced and knowledgeable Airline Transport Pilots. We fully understand Canadian aviation rules and Canadian aviation regulations.

Our Advisory Board and Drone training instructors have over 20 thousand hours of actual Helicopter, Jet, Piston flight time. We also operate under our own Transport Canada SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate). Our real-life aviation experience brings a much needed dimension to training in the current and future Canadian UAS – UAV Drone environment. .That is why The Canadian Drone Institute is a cut above the rest. We possess both the experience and the knowledge required to deliver a higher standard of training.

Transport Canada UAS – UAV pilots exam is coming in 2018.

UAS Drones are aeronautically smaller versions of a Helicopter. That is where our Instructors have the advantage for you. Our research into the Canadian UAS courses being offered showed that they are being taught by companies who do not have any real life flight experience operating in Canada other than Drones.

The Canadian Drone Institute pilots possess a combined 120 plus years of hands on experience in the area of Aerodynamics, Theory of Flight, Safety and Canadian Domestic Airspace regulations. We fully understand what will be required as we move and address the Regulatory concerns that Transport Canada and the UAS industry will require and demand in the future. 

Addressing the upcoming Transport Canada pilots exam. The Canadian Drone Training Institute is the first in Canada to hold the distinction as “A Higher Learning Institute” based on our experience in the aviation industry. Our experienced training instructors prepare you, our students, to achieve commercial operational status within the new Transport Canada’s 2018 regulations. We will provide you with a complete and extensive understanding of Transport Canada’s 2018 aviation rules and regulations and how they will apply in the new UAS flight environment.

The Canadian Drone Institute will use our own training facility, opening in September 2018, to train corporations and individuals wishing to open up an in-house UAS Flight Department under the operating procedures as defined by Transport Canada’s current Special Flight Operations Certificate ( SFOC ). We will also offer on-site training at your facility in Canada.

Knowledge Based Drone Training Courses

Our drone training courses are knowledge-based course created by expert instructors in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operating environments.

We pride ourselves on our higher standards of training. Our Instructors have 30 thousand hours of operating Helicopters, Jet and Piston type aircraft in Canada’s Northern and Southern Domestic Airspace under severe weather and operational conditions. We will transfer that knowledge to you for Safety in your commercial flight UAS operation.

In 2018, Transport Canada will be introducing an Examination and Flight Standard Training for the UAS operator. Our training courses will prepare you for the new Transport Canada examination in 2018.