• Corporate Drone training Canada
  • Drone training for groups and businesses in Canada
  • Drone Pilot Certification through the Canadian Drone Institute

Why Choose The Canadian Drone Institute

The Canadian Drone Institute is operated by a Team of Retired Transport Canada licensed Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) and former Transport Canada Commercial Ground School Flight Instructors.

Our Transport Canada Compliant Ground School course is written and updated by our Commercial Aviation Team. Transport Canada recommends taking our online course so you can pass the advanced drone pilot exam. The advanced drone pilot exam is currently required to get your advanced drone pilot certificate from Transport Canada. 

Our Transport Canada Compliant course price includes your Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS or Formerly UAV) Ground School Certificate, SFOC application with your Transport Canada manuals and your Radio Operators Certificate - Aeronautical (ROC-A). We are here to help you pass your 2019 Transport Canada RPAS (UAV) examination and get you on your way to becoming a commercial Drone operator! Give us a call today - 1.866.209.7214. 

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