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The Canadian Drone Institute is operated by a Team of retired Transport Canada licensed Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) and Commercial Ground School Flight Instructors. Our Transport Canada Compliant Ground School courses are written and updated by our commercial aviation team. The Transport Canada UAV exam and UAV flight test will be coming in 2018. Drone pilots will be subject to an online exam, with questions specific to Air Navigation, Air Law, Air Regulations,Theory of Flight, the 7 classes of Canada's controlled airspace operational responsibilities and more. Our $545.00 course pricing includes your UAS Ground School Certificate, SFOC application and manuals and your Radio Operators Certificate (ROC-A). If you require Ground School only, $399.99 for your Transport Canada Compliant certificate. We are here to help you pass your 2018 Transport Canada UAV examination and get you on your way to becoming a commercial operation!


The Canadian Drone Institute provides the complete Transport Canada compliant Drone training course curriculum. We prepare you for the 2018 Transport Canada examination and flight test. Our Team of Retired Commercial Pilots and Ground School Instructors also have Drone operations experience under our Standing Transport Canada SFOC. We are listed with Transport Canada as a Compliant Ground School. We provide Drone training to Companies and Individuals in all Provinces in Canada


Our Team is comprised of Retired Transport Canada Airline Transport Pilots and Commercial Flight Instructors. Our Drone pilots have flown over 1000 hours under our Standing Transport Canada SFOC. Our Instructors have real-world aviation flight and training experience both as working Drone Pilots, Fixed Wing, Helicopter and Military Jet Pilot Instructors with extensive experience operating in the Canadian Domestic Airspace.

Affordable Pricing Structure

Our commitment as Flight Instructors and Professional Pilots is to offer you the best Transport Canada compliant curriculum available at a very affordable cost! We are 30-50% lower on our curriculum delivery costs because we have no overhead! We do not invest in fancy boardrooms, Hotel meeting rooms, Offices and such. We have invested in our course content and our Instructors. We will come to you so there are no travel costs or you come to us live On on One!

Get Into The Air Quickly, Safely, Legally

Drone training courses set up for excellence at every level of your Drone operation.


For Corporations, Government and Municipal Agencies wishing to set up your own Drone flight departments

Our Transport Canada Airline Transport Pilots and Transport Canada Commercial Flight Instructors will train your company to set up an In House Drone flight department. Complete Drone training from your required Operational manuals, Employee training manuals, Safety manuals, SOPs etc.Train for Transport Canada's 2018 exam and airspace regulations. We will help you create a level of security and privacy for your company by owning your own Transport Canada approved Drone operation. Our Instructors will get your company ready for the future of BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of site) trained by the experts in Aviation at The Canadian Drone Institute.

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Determining the correct enterprise software solutions for your company

Our staff has comprised a list of Vendors for our commercial customers to talk with directly in regard to your Data requirements. Software is the critical component for Engineering, Construction, Mining and many more complex operations that require specific data for analysis live or after your mission has been flown. This is a free consulting service offered by The Canadian Drone Institute. Just let us know what your requirements are and we will place you directly in touch with our vendors



Determining what hard assets fit your company needs

The Drone market is exploding with many makes and models of Drone equipment coming to market every week. What Drone hardware and data software is the right choice for your particular needs ? Many factors must be taken into account before making any purchases. What type of terrain and weather will you be operating your Drone equipment in and at what temperatures ? Battery choices, how long will your equipment have to be in the air, and will it always be within VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) It could be that there isn't any one UAS that fits all of your needs. That is where our Engineering Partners come into play. Drone equipment can be built specifically for your organizations needs and partnered with the right software program to deliver the data your Team will requires.




Canadian Drone regulations will be enforced by Transport Canada Inspectors for the safety and privacy of the general public in Canada The Canadian Drone Institute wants you as an Individual or your Companies employees to avoid potential Transport Canada fines of up to $25,000 and possible jail time, as well as any Civil litigation that is a result of an Incident Report being filed with your local Transport Canada Inspector or a Peace Officer such as the RCMP, Local Police department etc. Our courses are one price for Individuals and one price for Corporate and Small Business owners. All Courses include your UAS Ground School Course, your SFOC (Standard Flight Operation Certificate) and your ROC-A,the aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate. Greg Davis the Founder of the Canadian Drone Institute is a licensed Radio Operator Certificate administrator with Industry Trade and Commerce

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We believe the future of Drone Training will be in BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line of Sight. This is where jobs in technology, software and training will be created in the near future. This training should only be accomplished through a current curriculum taught by qualified Commercial Flight Instructors with a full knowledge and understanding of aviation and safety.