Why Choose The Canadian Drone Institute

The Canadian Drone Institute is operated by a Team of Retired Transport Canada licensed Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) and former Transport Canada Commercial Ground School Flight Instructors. Our Transport Canada Compliant Ground School courses are written and updated by our Commercial Aviation Team. The Transport Canada UAV exam and UAV flight test will be coming in 2018. If you require Ground School only $399.00 + HST for your Transport Canada Compliant graduation certificate. This is currently required on your SFOC application to Transport Canada. Our $545.00 + HST Transport Canada Compliant course price includes your UAV Ground School Certificate, SFOC application with your Transport Canada manuals and your Radio Operators Certificate (ROC-A). We are here to help you pass your 2018 Transport Canada UAV examination and get you on your way to becoming a commercial Drone operator!

Your UAV Education

The Canadian Drone Institute provides the complete Transport Canada compliant UAV Drone training course curriculum. We prepare you for the 2018 UAV Transport Canada examination and UAV flight test. your SFOC by Retired Transport Canada Commercial Pilots and Transport Canada Ground School Instructors are there with you every step of the way for your UAV SFOC application.

Course Instructors Experience

Your personal ground school Instructor will be a Transport Canada AirlineTransport Pilot (ATP) or a Transport Canada Commercial Flight Instructor.
Our Drone Instructors have flown over 400 hours operating flying under our current Standing Transport Canada SFOC.

Affordable Pricing Structure

Our commitment as Transport Canada Flight Instructors is to offer you the best Transport Canada compliant curriculum TP15263 available at a very affordable cost! We have invested in our course content and our Instructors. We will come to you so there are no travel costs to incur to attend our courses.

Latest updates in the UAS Industry


We believe the future of Drone Training will be in BVLOS - Beyond Visual Line of Sight. This is where jobs in technology, software and training will be created in the near future. This training should only be accomplished through a current curriculum taught by qualified Commercial Flight Instructors with a full knowledge and understanding of aviation and safety.