SIGN UP TODAY TO TAKE OUR BASIC DRONE PILOT ONLINE COURSE! This course is designed to help you pass the basic exam required by Transport Canada to get your basic drone pilot certificate. It is up to date with current Transport Canada newly released regulations.

About our Transport Canada compliant basic drone pilot course -

  • Our course is written by retired Transport Canada Licensed Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) and former Transport Canada Commercial Ground School Flight Instructors.
  • PDF lectures
  • 1:1 customer support for issues. Call us any time at 1.866.209.7214 or e-mail us at
  • Ground School Certificate you can print and frame.

Our prep course covers the following 8 topics -

  • Section 1 Air Law, Traffic Rules & Procedures
  • Section 2 RPAS Airframes, Power Plants, Propulsion & Systems
  • Section 3 Human Factors
  • Section 4 Meteorology
  • Section 5 Navigation
  • Section 6 RPAS Flight Operations
  • Section 7 Theory of Flight
  • And more!
If you have questions please e-mail us at or call us at 866.209.7214
Self Study Online Course - Basic Drone Pilot Certificate Exam Preparation Course
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C$ 89.95

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