SIGN UP TODAY TO TAKE OUR SPECIAL FLIGHT OPERATIONS CERTIFICATE (SFOC) ONLINE COURSE! This course is designed to help you apply for the Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) required by Transport Canada to get permission for special drone flight operations. It is up to date with current Transport Canada newly released regulations.

About our Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) course -

Our prep course covers the following topics -

  • Section 1 AC No. 903-002 and CARs 903.02
  • Section 2 The Application: Basic Information
  • Section 3 Manufacturer and Model of the Systems
  • Section 4 Safety Plan for the Proposed Area of Operation
  • Section 5 Emergency Contingency Requirements
  • Section 6 The Site Survey / Plan of Operation
  • Section 7 RPAS Maintenance
  • And more!
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Self Study Online Course - SFOC Preparation Short Course
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