If You Have No Aviation Background Here Is Why You Should Take Your Basic RPAS Certificate First .

Transport Canada is operating two test facilities in Canada for companies participating in what is called the “SORA ConOps” ICAO process under the supervision of Transport Canada. The test facilities are located in Alma, QC and Foremost AB.

To be a step ahead on the employment for individuals or deployment of your flight department for companies that want to move away from depending on 3rd party contractors, we recommend these steps

Step1: Write your Basic Exam

Step2: Write your Advanced Exam using your Basic Course credit

Step3: Apply for a VLOS SFOC

Step4: Study and learn the Software platforms you will be using such as Thermal, LIDAR, FLIR, Photogrammetry etc.

Step5: Write your Complex Advanced Exam (when available)

Step6: Go to market

Transport Canada has had a working Committee called the RTMAT which stands for RPAS Transportation Management Action Team. This committee was formed in January 2109 and has issued a Roadmap for VLOS and BVLOS

The Canadian Drone Institute is pleased to be an RTMAT active committee member since we joined in February 2109. The goal of the committee is to create a common format using ICAO International Committee Aviation Organization. The ICAO global location is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

Quote From ICAO.

“Once governments achieve consensus around a new RPAS BVLOS standard’s scope and details, it is then adopted by the 193 participating countries (Canada is on the ICAO list) in order to bring worldwide alignment to their national regulations, helping to realize safe, secure and sustainable air operations for RPAS on a truly global basis.”

In the near future Canadian Basic, Advanced and Canadian Complex Advanced RPA pilots will be able to fly in different countries in controlled and uncontrolled airspace that are ICAO participants. This is much the same as the fixed wing regulations for Captains and Co-pilots in manned aviation.

The Canadian Drone Institute’s vision has always been that our Team is to be surrounded with Transport Canada Instructors that are experts in the areas of the SFOC process, Canadian Aviation regulations for CARs, Canadian Controlled Airspace (BVLOS), Navigation and Risk Management etc.  

We have the future in mind. We have done our due diligence on the quality of Training companies currently running schools in Canada. We are very comfortable stating that we are the leaders with our one-on-one training. We also know The Canadian Drone Institute will be with you from the start of your career. We will be teaching companies and students that want to move up and become certified under the Complex BVLOS SFOC certificate.

When you have passed the Basic Transport Canada exam enroll in the Advanced course. The Canadian Drone Institute will credit 100% of the Basic course cost and apply that credit towards your Advanced course.

We are a Team of retired and current Transport Canada Airline Transport Pilots (ATP) and RPAS Advanced RPA pilots and Transport Canada Commercial Ground School Instructors Class 1, based here in Canada.

This will assure you that we have the expertise and skills to move you through your Basic up to and including your Complex Advanced certificate in 2022

In closing we have created Canada Pathfinder with our partner Iris Automation, originally a Canadian company that is now located in the Silicon Valley California. If your company would like to learn more about Canada Pathfinder please contact greg.davis@irisonboad.com

Iris Automation and The Canadian Drone Institute will shortly be issuing a Press release!

Greg Davis


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