The Canadian Drone industry is on the cusp of explosion in new opportunities with BVLOS.

A few software applications that we use our cameras for today are Thermal, Photogrammetry, Lidar, Detect and Avoid and FLIR to mention a few software platforms you can use to create meaningful data sets and provide safety in your BVLOS operations for your Engineering and Surveying teams to name a few

In January 2019 Transport Canada created a committee named RTMAT. RPAS Traffic Management Action Team (RTMAT) we have collaborated with NAV CANADA, DND, NRC, ISED, DRDC and more to build a broad coalition of partners that developed and published the historic RTM Roadmap for Canada. This team is now launching its first operational trials with an SFOC approval process for rural airspace BVLOS operations. To date over 60+ SFOC’s have been approved by Transport Canada

BVLOS is our future for economic growth, creation of jobs and not just for Drone pilots. We will see the creation of Operations Managers positions, Software developers, Engineers, Surveyors and more as the complex BVLOS regulations that will come into play in late 2021 forward. The new regulations for BVLOS will be posted in the Canada Gazette and then formally into the Canadian Aviation Regulations or CARS in 2022.

Transport Canada has in development an Advanced Complex Operations certificate with a new transport Canada exam. This course and exam will be required after you have completed your Advanced certificate and if you our your company wants to take your operation into BVLOS operations, this will be a mandatory course.

We can expect more concentration on the seven classes of Canadian controlled and uncontrolled airspace, Transponder airspace rules, Instrument navigation based on the principles of manned aviation IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Advanced Meteorology, Canadian Aviation Regulations for BVLOS operations and more!

Our Advisory Team has always had as our vision to surround ourselves with people who are current Transport Canada ATP’s (airline transport plots) and our Transport Canada advisory Team is writing the course format and developing questions for the new BVLOS Advanced Complex Exam

From our start in 2015 We envisioned BVLOS flight to become the standard to truly enable the complex Drones available today with extended battery or propulsion systems to cover 100km + and back and further range mission capabilities as Drone technology evolves in the years to come.

Why The Canadian Drone Institute?

BVLOS is flight beyond visual line of sight and Our ATP aviation team has over 12,000 hours of IFR flight experience in Canada as well as Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. IFR is the equivalent of BVLOS flight where you have to depend on your instrumentation in real life conditions to safely and to also be in compliance with the new Transport Canada Regulations in late 2021 and into 2022.

The Canadian Drone Institute has partnered with IRIS Automation in Canada for your SFOC submission to Transport Canada. IRIS Automation is a safety avionics technology company pioneering Detect-and-Avoid (DAA) systems and aviation policy services that enable customers to build scalable Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations for commercial drone operations unlocking the potential of countless industries. Iris' DAA system runs entirely onboard Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), allowing them to fly safely at long distances and without human intervention.

We work closely with civil aviation authorities globally as they implement regulatory frameworks ensuring BVLOS is conducted safely, partnering on multiple FAA BEYOND UAS Integration Programs and Transport Canada's BVLOS Technology Demonstration Program. Iris is recognized by AUVSI as the number one Technology and Innovation Leader for 2020.

We feel our Team is the most experienced Team on Transport Canadas website listed as a compliant Ground School for Advanced operations. We are also the Team that has flown in IFR conditions the BVLOS equivalent for Drones. Purposely we created a our Advisory Board to ensure when a Company signs on to use our courses, we would be here for you to train in the future for flight in a BVLOS environment working with the same team of instructors for your BVLOS Transport Canada Exam.

We feel now is exactly the right time to start your company’s employees to embark on your advanced training to ensure that you can start unlocking Drone technology in your operations.


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